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Infiniqi was created with the goal of bringing educational and physical activities to people who wish to find balance and vitality in their everyday life. 


From the combination of the two words “Infinite” and “Qi” (Chinese term for vital essence), the term Infiniqi clearly shows the will to bring the best classes and workshops in such variety and guidance that each individual can find their balance and personalized way of achieving more energy. 


Focused on traditional holistic practices and philosophies, most activities will be based on TaiChi, QiGong, Yoga and other healing mediums.

The return to ancient practices allows us to be inspired by our wise forefathers and understand the wisdom in a balanced life and state of mind. Seeking to combine both traditional and modern science to develop a better understanding of ourselves and our society in hopes of achieving more energy to do more and most importantly: to find and share happiness. 

About Olivier DiTullio

East meets West

From  French Father and a Malaysian Chinese Mother, Being brought up in between France and Malaysia, Olivier brings the best of eastern traditional medicine and western thinking to search for the most effective way to heal or improve his student's life.

Corporate meets Wellness

Having worked as an engineer and also sales manager in the food & beverage industry, the balance between  corporate lifestyle and a healthy lifestyle was a search olivier is now open to share to his students.

Body meets mind

In the end realizing that the most important balance is that of a healthy mind within a healthy body, olivier has practiced Yoga, TaiChi and QiGong in the search to bring this balance to whoever feels they need it.

 Now dedicating his passion fulltime to teach these practices in a less traditional way, mixing modern western logic with traditional eastern practices; he seeks to find the best way to improve each of his client’s lives to integrate these very beneficial but sometimes challenging activities in a more practical way.  

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