qi gong classes


myofascial qi gong

Combining traditional Qi Gong postures with emphasis on the fascia lines of our body, this practice allows the student to go deeper in their stretch. With the addition of constant movement and synchronized breathing, the student will find themselves getting a good workout without risking any injury.


self healing qi gong

A much softer version of the qi gong postures with the added standing meditation and "healing light" visualization, this form allows people who are recovering from injuries or with tough conditions to still benefit from the exercise but especially promote healing within their body.


8 brocade qi gong

Traditional qi gong classes will be a combination of varied postures to stretch the meridian lines and promote good health through the pulling and release of these lines, allowing good energy flow and proper health.

Every class will be different in the hopes to make students understand and feel the main principles of Qi Gong while discovering different styles of the same postures (each teacher has their own form but the main principles should remain to receive full health benefit) 

workshops and other services


traditional 8 brocade qi gong

A 1 h workshop to go through each of the 8 traditional 8 brocade Qi Gong as developed within the shaolin temple. The workshop will consist of in depth explenation and practice of each of these postures and supporting documents to allow students the possibility to practice this form regularly on their own at the end of the workshop.


extended 8 brocade qi gong

A special form of 16 postures taught by master Tek Siaw which combines the "5 Animal Frolic"; "Changing Tendon Sutra" and "Bone Marrow Cleansing Sutra" all in one practice. This form is more intense and requires good health to initially learn the whole sequence within a 3h workshop. With supporting documents, it will allow the students to practice this form regularly to improve and strengthen their overall health in a considerably fast and effective way.


qi gong energy healing

Certified by "Wellness Medical Qi Gong" in Qi Gong Energy Healing. The extensive practice of Qi Gong will allow such cultivation of Qi that the practitioner will be able to Sense any energy blockages within the patients body. Unblock, Circulate and Energize to promote healing and well-being.

These Qi Gong healing sessions are particularly effective for people suffering conditions which makes them very weak (cannot exercise) or very sensitive to pain (energy can be transferred without touching)

teachers and mentors

master tek siaw


Hsin-I Institute 

(Canada & Singapore)

master tan soo kong


Wellness medical qigong


david lee


Dance of the dragon qi gong

(Ubud, Bali)